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UNCG Strategic Directions

In 2018 we celebrated UNCG’s 10th year and in preparation for that anniversary, the Steering Committee committed to undertaking a year-long strategic directions process beginning in 2017 to reflect on where we have come, gather our wits together and set a course for the future of UNCG for the coming decade. In June 2017, at UNCG’s Annual meeting at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, a strategic directions session was conducted and resulted in agreement to establish a Planning Team to lead the process in convening sub-teams to develop goals, objectives and strategic actions for each of the four areas (organizational sustainability, practice / engagement, scholarship / research, teaching / training). This year-long effort resulted in the UNCG membership formally adopting the UNCG Strategic Directions Plan 2018-2028.  

Over the course of the next two years, committees on Practice / Engagement, Scholarship / Research, and Teaching / Training will be working along with the UNCG Steering Committee to advance the goals and activities outlined in the Strategic Directions Plan. If you're interested in participating in any of these committees, contact the committee leads.

  • UNCG Organizational Sustainability - Steering Committee Chair Susan Jeghelian
  • Collaborative Governance (CG) Practice/Engagement - Chris Page
  • Collaborative Governance (CG) Scholarship/Research - Steve Smutko
  • Collaborative Governance (CG) Teaching/Training - Laurel Singer
UNCG members adopt the Strategic Directions

Overall Strategic Plan Implementation Focus and Roles 

This plan represents a milestone and a pivot for UNCG. It suggests a more active role for the Steering Committee, Membership Committee and the three strategic area committees. UNCG should take an adaptive management approach to the plan’s implementation. To enhance focus, the plan sets out eight strategic actions to be undertaken during the first two years.  We anticipate that there will be a learning curve and some need for course corrections to insure this is a living plan as the Steering Committee oversees the implementation steps. 

Expanding UNCG Membership 

The next decade for UNCG should be organized around expanding membership to create a sustainable network by appealing to university scholars, teachers and practitioners to join UNCG as a quality network that is organized to deliver value to its members and advances towards UNCG’s vision. The formation and charging of a Membership Committee underscores the importance of expanding UNCG membership to create a more sustainable network.

Steering Committee

Over the course of the next 10 years, implementing the priority organizational objectives and strategic actions and supporting the areas of scholarship, teaching and practice, will require new roles and call on the Steering Committee to organize their work and step up to meet challenges of creating a more sustainable UNCG. This will require a reflective and adaptive approach to test and review the effectiveness of the plan’s strategies in a the 3rd, 6th and 9th year of the 10-year plan. 

Strategic Area Committees

Each of the three strategic area committees (scholarship/research, teaching/training and practice/engagement) will, at a minimum, focus efforts on programming input to UNCG conference planning committees that advance plan goals and objectives, showcase UNCG initiatives, and addressing both challenges and opportunities at annual meetings to encourage new members.  Committees will have flexibility in how they approach their area and priorities in advancing towards the 10 year vision of UNCG success.  Read the Committees' charges here.