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UNCG Member Webinars

 The University Network for Collaborative Governance hosts quarterly webinars for members on topics related to collaborative governance , engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas with one another, and share lessons learned. Webinars are free for UNCG members and non-members can join for a small registration fee.  UNCG members have access to past webinars.  Contact Sarah Giles for access to recordings.

Recent UNCG webinars:

Collaborative Governance Lessons from Estuary Programs (June 2021)

Water management- particularly in estuaries - is transboundary by nature. Effective management of such systems depends on effective collaborative governance. Focusing in, this webinar explores how different estuary programs across the U.S. have developed and applied collaborative governance models: what works, lessons learned, and opportunities for the future. After a set of speed presentations from programs that represent a range of governance models and stages of formation (from well-established to just starting out), there will be time for a broader discussion of best practice and potential next steps. Guests: Ann Swanson (Chesapeake Bay Commission), Laura Blackmore (Puget Sound Partnership), Duane De Freese (Indian River Lagoon), Mike Gerel (Narragansett Bay Estuary Program), Donald Killorn (Pensacola and Perdido Bays Estuary Program)

Foundations Speak on Collaborative Governance: How Collaborative Governance Supports Foundations’ Strategic Grant-making Interests and the Success of their Grantees (April 2021)

Guests from a variety of organizations in the philanthropy sector discuss how collaborative governance supports their work and success of grantees. Guests: James Gore (Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation), Whitney Grubbs (Foundations for a Better Oregon), and Susan Mendes (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Recommended Readings in Collaborative Governance (July 2020)

UNCG's Strategic Area Committee on Research / Scholarship introduced its collection of recommended readings in collaborative governance

Linking System Context, Collaboration Dynamics & Outcomes in Accountable Communities of/for Health (April 2020)

UNCG Student Member Stephanie Bultema shared her research project on collaborative governnce and Accountrable Communities of / for Health (ACHs)