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About Kitchen Table Democracy

We work with state leaders throughout the country to initiate and strengthen programs for collaborative governance and democratic practice. This assistance takes many forms, including supporting leaders in convening collaborative processes, experimenting with new forms of collaboration and democratic practice, and supporting networks of collaborative leaders and universities.

  • Field Notes

    The Judge as Convener

    Over the past two KTD / UNCG meetings, we've been exploring the intersection of collaborative governance and equity and social justice work.  This week, John Stephens, one of our UNCG members at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's School of Government, shares this exciting story from his colleague LaToya Powell of "judge as convener" for reducing the likelihood of school-based incidents leading to juvenile justice system involvement.

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  • Jaime Pinkham Introduction Slide

    Field Notes

    The Great Change

    In June 2016, Jaime Pinkham (Nez Perce member and Senior Adviser at the Native Governance Center) spoke to members of the Kitchen Table Democracy board and the University Network for Collaborative Governance as we gathered together in Portland, Oregon.

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University Network for Collaborative Governance

The University Network for Collaborative Governance (UNCG) consists of centers and programs in colleges and universities that engage in service and scholarship in order to enable citizens and their leaders to engage in dialogue, discussion, problem solving, and conflict resolution around public issues.

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