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Ted Celeste

Representative, Ohio House of Representatives, 2007-2013

Former State Representative Ted Celeste is the founder and director of Next Generation, a project of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, where Celeste serves as the Director of State Programs. His goal is to inspire and support state legislators who want to promote greater understanding and better decision-making. Celeste’s bi-partisan team of legislators has facilitated training for the CSG Midwest Conference and the Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Vermont and Washington State Legislatures. He has also presented at the CSG BILLD leadership program in Madison, and the National CSG annual meeting in Kansas City. 

Celeste served in the Ohio Legislature from 2007-2012. Known for working effectively “across the aisle” whether he was in the majority or the minority, he has lived his belief in respectful dialogue. One of the only candidates for state office who insisted on running a positive campaign, he won each of his 3 races with a comfortable majority in a swing district.  He was recognized for his emphasis on civil dialogue with the John Glenn Public Policy Institute’s Outstanding Public Service Award in 2011. Celeste lives in Columbus, Ohio, is married and has two daughters and 3 grandchildren.