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Managing Public Disputes: A Practical Guide to Handling Conflict and Reaching Agreements (1st Edition)

Carpenter, S. L. & Kennedy, W.J.D. (1988). Jossey-Bass.

Disputing parties are often not aware of the predictable patterns of behavior in conflict situations, and they cannot usually identify options available for resolving differences. The resulting conflict often escalates and requires third-party professional mediators. Part One provides an overview of public controversies not limited to labor and management disputes where stakeholders are easily identified. Conflict management strategies are discussed. Part Two presents the steps necessary for managing disputes including the final steps of reaching and carrying out agreements. Part Three considers the factors involved in conflict management programs with attention to dealing with the news media and constituents, the underlying influence of values held by the disputing parties, the significance of power relationships, handling intense emotions, keeping the negotiating process alive, and the use of third parties.