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Toolkit for Leaders as Conveners

This toolkit guides state and local leaders on how to convene collaborative processes. Increasingly public leaders are being called on to bring together all sectors – public, private, and civic - to develop effective, lasting solutions to public problems that go beyond what any sector could achieve on its own.

Order the Toolkit (please contact KTD directly for international orders).

The Toolkit for Leaders is a brief and highly readable guide for leaders interested in learning more aboutToolkit for Leaders as Conveners convening with instructions about:

  • What happens in a collaborative process
  • What a convener does
  • The steps to follow in convening
  • How leaders can frame issues to get people working together
  • The keys to being an effective convener

The toolkit features a DVD with five minute interviews that illustrate how three leaders (Salt Lake City Mayor / former Representative Ralph Becker of Utah; Oregon Senator Betsy Johnson; and Maine Representative Chris Rector) convened groups to address issues of education and economic development, land use, and transportation.