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Trainer's Manual: Getting the Most from a Collaborative Process

This Manual contains the essential information for training leaders from agencies and organizations interested in learning more about how to use collaborative processes to address public issues.

Order the Trainer's Manual (please contact KTD directly for interational orders).

These materials are practical and problem-centered, designed to capitalize on people’s experience and to help them integrate new ideas with their existing knowledge. They are presented in eight modules, each module covering an aspect of the “best practices” for sponsoring, organizing, and conducting a collaborative governance process.

Each module includes descriptions of key points to cover and activities to address the key points. The Manual also provides audio visual materials in the form of a CD with PDF handouts and slides and a video DVD of various leaders describing their roles in collaborative processes. These materials are designed to be used in conjunction with the PCI Practical Guide to Collaborative Governance.

The first step for workshop sponsors and trainers is to decide on your objectives, target audience, and the format and length of the workshop. Then you will be able to decide which modules will best serve your objectives.

At minimum, if all modules are used, the workshop will take six to seven hours. With the use of speakers, panels, and time for group interaction, the workshop will take eight hours or more. However, effectively covering all of the material in one day can be a challenge, even for experienced trainers. An alternative is to hold a series of workshops, so that each module can be covered in a more in-depth fashion. This could take the form of a two - or three-part workshop, or even a “Module a Month.” The more time spent with each module, the stronger the chances are that the material will be used effectively.

Table of Contents

  • Planning The Workshop
  • Introduction
  • Responsibilities of Workshop Sponsors
  • Responsibilities of Trainers
  • Steps In Planning The Workshop
  • Planning The Workshop
  • Confirming Workshop Participation
  • Preparing And Assembling Materials
  • Preparing An Example For Module 3
  • Keys To A Successful Workshop
  • Workshop Modules (See PDF slides and handouts provided on CD)

Module 1: Collaborative Governance Processes: An Overview
Module 2: When to Sponsor a Collaborative Process
Module 3: How to Assess the Potential for Collaboration
Module 4: Working with a Neutral Forum and Facilitator
Module 5: The Role of Convener
Module 6: Participation: Who Needs to be at the Table
Module 7: How to Plan and Organize the Process
Module 8: Tools and Techniques for Reaching and Implementing Agreements
Module 9: How to Close the Workshop