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Past Annual Conference

2018 Conference

June 3-5, 2018 - Portland, OR - Hosted by the National Policy Consensus Center (Oregon Consensus, Oregon Solutions, and Oregon's Kitchen Table) at Portland State University

Lightning Talks: Presentation Slides


UNCG Strategic Directions Plan - 2018-2028 and Interest in Serving Form

What does the tapestry for collaborative governance research, practice, and teaching look like for the next 10 years?

The UNCG annual conference is an opportunity for academic professionals – including faculty, staff, and students - from across the county who are engaged in the work of collaborative governance to come together to learn from each other.  This year's conference will build off recent strategic planning activities and will challenge participants to ask how we as a network can strategically evolve to more systemically address societal challenges, engage the next generation of university-based collaborative governance professionals, and contribute to deepening the understanding of the impact and results of collaborative processes. 

At this year’s conference, we are particularly interested in two topic areas:

1.       Integration of Research, Practice, and Teaching: How are we – or how could we be – connecting the dots and integrating the three topic areas UNCG focuses on: research, practice, and teaching.  What are some instances where we have been weaving together all three through one approach, program, or project, where research, teaching, and practice all come together? What are the challenges to being able to incorporate all three together? And, how could we be doing that better? What are the opportunities for us – either as a Network or in our individual / center work – to bring research, practice, and teaching to inform one another and advance each forward?

2.       Innovations in Research, Practice, or Teaching: Where have we been particularly innovative in research, practice and teaching, or in the development of supportive public policies, around collaborative governance? As we look forward to another 10 years of UNCG, how are our member centers, individuals, and partners venturing out on innovative paths? What ideas, perspectives, or approaches are emerging, or should emerge, in collaborative governance?

This year’s conference format will include a mix of “Lightning Talks” focused on the above two topics.  Attendees will also spend time in focused breakouts / work sessions to advance priority actions identified in the2018 UNCG Strategic Plan that will advance collaborative governance research, practice, and teaching.